As a contemporary realist painter, Xenia is inspired by strong contrasts found in the interplay of light and shadow, vivid colors and dramatic shapes as well as in the juxtaposition of natural and human elements. She finds inspiration in a broad range of subjects, from a single flower to a vast landscape, each providing a sense of pleasure, excitement, peace or wonder. Using pastel painting as her primary art form and painting both in the studio and “en plein air”, Xenia captures the inherent beauty of her subject and gives it life on a two dimensional surface.

Born in the Philippines, Xenia was heavily involved in the arts from an early age, but it was the performing arts– singing and dancing for large audiences. In quiet moments, she would look inward to the visual arts. Expressing with her hands through drawing, painting and crafting was a diversion that allowed her to be more peaceful and contemplative. When she moved to Southern California as a teenager, her singing and dancing continued, but she never lost the love of creating with her hands.

Upon entering college, Xenia decided to explore her visually creative side more deeply, majoring in fine arts and graphic design. She later furthered her art education through workshops with prominent artists such as Liz Haywood-Sullivan and Doug Dawson. She participates in various group and solo shows and has been juried into prestigious exhibitions, including the Pastel Society of Colorado’s (PSC) Annual Mile High International Pastel Exhibition and the Plein Air Artists of Colorado’s (PAAC) National Juried Exhibition, and has garnered awards for her paintings.

Aside from painting, Xenia enjoys creating one of a kind beaded jewelry, many of which are inspired by her paintings. She also likes volunteering her creativity in local community art projects and has served as a board member of the Boulder Art Association in Colorado. When time permits, she offers art classes to kids and adults in her home studio and at local art venues.


Pastel Society of Colorado, 2014 – present


Boulder Art Association, 2012 – present


Plein Air Artists of Colorado, 2015 – present